Design Process

PHASE 1 – Design Stage

Stage 1

  • On-Site meeting with client.
  • Walk through the property.
  • Discuss client expectations, needs, ideas and purposes.
  • Define areas/zones that are going to be designed.
  • Brief explanation of KZ Design Studio service outline.
  • Fee structure explanation upon client’s requests.

Stage 2
Agreement & Survey

Letter of agreement outlining:

  • Scope of Works
  • Design Process
  • Compensation
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Site Survey
  • Existing layout drawings preparation

Stage 3
Design & Co-ordination

  • Meeting to discuss in detail the client intentions, preference of fabrics, colours, furnishings, materials, lighting and budget stipulated for each space.
  • Preparation of the following layouts:
      1. Structural Alterations Layout Plan (if necessary)
      2. Furniture Design Layout Plan
      3. Ceiling Design Layout Plan
      4. Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning (H.V.A.C.) Layout Plan
      5. Extra Low Voltage (E.L.V.) Layout Plan
      6. Power Points Layout Plan
      7. Lighting & Switching Layout Plan
      8. Mood Boards or 3D Visuals
  • Presentation of the final design to the client.
  • Site inspections and co-ordination meetings as appropriate.

PHASE 2 – Implementation Stage

Stage 4
Project Management

  • Assistance in the selection and co-ordination of fabrics, colour schemes, furnishings, materials and light fixtures.
  • Detailed finishing layouts.
    • Light Fixtures Layout
    • Feature Walls Detailed Elevations
    • Bathrooms Detailed Elevations
    • Plumbing Layout Plan
    • Drainage Layout Plan
    • Floor Tiles Layout Plan
    • Joinery & Steel Work Details
    • Door & Window Schedule
  • Procurement and approval of sample materials, technical literature/data sheets and product specifications.
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities (B.O.Q.) for procurement of quotations.
  • Guidance in the reviewing of quotations obtained from contractors, suppliers or tradesman.
  • Correspondence with Contractors, suppliers and tradesman.
  • Site inspections and co-ordination meetings as appropriate.
  • Hand over to the client.

Finally we introduce the client to his new interior, photograph all the interior spaces by introducing a professional photographer and provide the client with a digital copy to share his new project.