keith zerafa interior designer

Keith Zerafa R.I.Dipl.(Dist.)

Keith has always been passionate about design and it was this passion that influenced his decision to specialise in civil engineering at MCAST. However, his love for design and learning didn’t stop there.


After graduating as a draughtsman in 2007, Keith went on to work with some of Malta’s leading architecture firms and interior designers on a variety of large scale projects, ranging from commercial properties, private residences and hospitality establishments.


It was here that he developed a keen interest in construction techniques and services, landscaping, 3D visualisation and project management. Additionally, tradesmen, craftsmen and engineers spurred Keith’s appreciation for interior design and it was during these rewarding years, that his evolution from draughtsman to interior designer began.


Keith successfully completed a diploma in Interior Design from Rhodec International in 2013 and today, he strikes a healthy balance between the roles of interior designer and draughtsman – roles which both complement and support each other. Motivated and intuitive, he is continually on the look-out for new materials and techniques which transform spaces into functional and innovative interiors.